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Internet Hot-Spots, Wireless and Cellular Internet

Key Lime Computer is a leading South Florida Control, Communications and Wireless Equipment service provider.  We will provide complete communications cabling, fiber optic, Bridges and Hot Spots.   We offer a complete line of Cisco switches, routers, and wireless products. 


In many cases, Cellular Broadband can be used to augment and provide redundancy in your business network unlike any other service.  This is one way to ensure you have  access to internet resources even during periods of major service interruptions like hurricanes or natural disasters.  Call today for a free evaluation! Compatible with most Major Networks like Sprint, Verizon and many others.


If you demand portability, then we have just the product for you.  Think of it as "Internet in a Box" .   We build a briefcase unit to include a portable power supply that runs off of either your car battery, solar panel or just standard household current.  Then we install the Cellular modem and the connections to allow either hard wired or wireless internet access to anyone within range of your portable hotspot.   This is ideal for anyone in life-safety or transportation industries.  It is especially beneficial to emergency managers, FEMA work-sites, State agencies that deal with disaster recovery, etc. as the applications for this product are unlimited.

This unit, while barely as big as a shoebox, can feed live video from anywhere in the U.S. and is entirely independant of your network or internet connection.  It has it's own EVDO Cellular connection. 

In addition, you can get this unit equipped with a B/G band wireless transmitter that can make this box into one of the worlds smallest "Wi-Fi Hot-Spots" and is entirely portable.  Imagine the applications; everything from live video broadcasts of your wedding to having a rolling hot-spot in your Limousine, R.V. or Yacht.  Again, the possibilities are endless.


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