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Frequently asked Questions and Reference notes will be posted here.  

What is the difference between a clone or business machine and a retail home package?

If I buy a retail computer can it be upgraded for my office/ work?

Does your business need to network itís computers?

Is it expensive to network computers?

What is the solution to virus or adware & spyware infections?


What is the difference between a clone or business machine and a retail home package?
Answer: Clones are custom built, typically using industry standard parts.  Standard parts make clones easy to repair or customize to a specific task, and parts can be purchased almost anywhere.  Business machines, like clones, are designed with expansion slots so they may be customized to a specific application.  The retail home machines that you can buy today are proprietary, single card constructed, and are often limited in how much they can be upgraded.


If I want to buy a retail computer can it be upgraded for my office/ work? 
Answer:  Yes, to a point.  It is always best to consult with a hardware professional before making large IT purchases to ensure that you are buying machines that will expand with your type of business.  Operating System incompatibilities are often the most costly upgrades, in both time and dollars.


Does your business need to network itís computers?
Answer: The answer is probably yes!  If your business has more that a couple of PCs, you could probably benefit from having centralized back-up capabilities.  Resource sharing, like sharing a printer between two or three computers, can also justify the initial cost of setting up a small network.


Is it expensive to network computers?
Answer:  It typically costs around $200.00 per computer to install a small wireless or 100-base-T network.  If the computer locations are a great distance apart, then cable installation will be considerably higher.


What is the solution to virus or adware/spyware infections?
Answer:While there is not one simple solution to "infections", your system(s) can be secured from most of the villainous attacks out there by a combination of Firewall solutions, Anti-virus software, an E-mail filtering strategy, spyware utilities and finally some common sense.  Call us today for a free security inspection if you are concerned about your PC's health.  Just mention our website to qualify for this free inspection.


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